The word derives from the Latin "emovere", where the e- (ex-variant) means "outside" and movere means "movement". In addition, "emotions can still be associated with the basic emotions of the human being, such as Joy, Fear, Color or Affection, which are usually accompanied by physiological changes such as increased heart rate or breathing.

Emotions emerges as an innovative project that aims to connect everything that Northern Portugal (minho, Trás-os-Montes and Alto-Douro) has to offer.

These regions, joined by the Tâmega River, protected by Monte Farinha and blessed by nature, are the starting point for a great adventure.

In the most prestigious hotels, rural tourism and wine tourism, we promote sports, cultural and gastronomic activities so that families, companies and groups can enjoy the true concept "Emotions".

As far as the Offroad is concerned, we went further ...

Portugal is an extremely safe country, loaded with history, gastronomy and culture, with a mild climate, making this small country an authentic "paradise" for lovers of Offroad.

With an incredible range of "pistes", from sand, mountain, plains and plateaus, "Emotions Portugal TT" takes you to know the most amazing places of Portugal, with a prominent emphasis on the Historical, Cultural and Gastronomic ingredient of each Region .

From north to south of the country, we organize memorable events, circular or in progress, with or without accommodation in the most eminent units.

If you have a 4x4 vehicle, you like Adventure and family moments, do not miss the next event.